Jeff Kundert – Wellness and Fitness Educator Princeton Club East


Jeff is a rehab therapist and serves the Princeton Club as a Wellness and Fitness Educator.

Jeff teaches nutrition, cardio, resistance training and life balance. His streamlined and upbeat approach makes success reachable for everyone.

Jeff’s mission is to meet the goals of the client and provide life long knowledge of health, wellness and Fitness.

Resistance, cardio, nutrition, supplementation and life balance issues are all included in Jeff ‘s program.

Follow these ten steps to permanent health and fitness:
“The 5 and 10 pack are not difficult programs!
I have trained so many people and watched them achieve more than their goals by using this method…and it’s fun”!

Jeff has a degree in Occupational Therapy from U.W.Madison and specializes in wellness education and personal life strategies. Jeff has an extensive therapeutic and athletic background and combines it with an upbeat and success-orientated training style. Jeff has a true desire to serve by helping people create and maintain fitness goals.


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