Kim Norland – High Intensity Training Expert Princeton Club East


Kim Norland has been a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor for over 15 years. Kim decided to become an educator so she could inspire people to learn and develop a love for fitness just as she had years ago. She has worked with fitness levels from beginner to advanced with a specialty in High Intensity Workouts. She has a degree in Recreational Activities and has been certified through many organizations throughout the years. She has worked as a weight loss coach and believes proper nutrition is an essential part of long term success. She is a mother of two and understands how difficult it can be to find time to workout out and reach pre-baby weight. She wants you to know it is an attainable goal! She enjoys pushing people to their max and will workout side by side with you each step of the way. “Together we will reach your personal fitness goals.”

Her favorite quote is from Jim Ryan: “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” Kim has helped numerous people–including herself–transform their physique.


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