Crystal Harvey – Princeton Club East

Crystal Harvey

Crystal Harvey has been a Personal Trainer for over 5 years and has a lifetime of experience in athletics, health and fitness. Crystal grew up playing volleyball in her home state of California. She was recruited to play at Bridgewater State in Massachusetts where she set two records; most aces in a single game and most aces in a season. Needless to say, Crystal is a perfectionist and will make it her number one goal to ensure that all of her clients have perfectly designed workouts during each and every session.

Crystal developed her passion for training during her collegiate career by helping her team stay in shape during the off season. During this time she developed the ability to design sport specific training programs for each of the players on her team. As Crystal developed in her Personal Training career however, her passions have grown to a much broader spectrum. She is a weight loss expert and has seen client after client reach goals that surpass their expectations.

Crystal’s favorite success story is that of a 47 mother of three that went from 300 lbs all the way down to just 180 lbs and competed in her first half marathon! These are the kinds of results that you can expect by working with Crystal Harvey.

“By focusing on form and balance, building the core is the most important thing. If you want variety, I’ve got it! Let’s lose some inches off that midsection!”


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